What is the right Kitchen Benchtop for me?

Selecting the right Benchtop can be a crucial move to completing your kitchen. We understand this and with our expertise we can find the right solution for the budget that you’re working with. Whether you’re after Engineered Stone, Granite or Marble we can help. See our benchtop options below to see how they could work for you.

Would Engineered Stone Benchtops be right for me?

Engineered Stone Benchtops are a great economical solution. If you’re looking for affordability with the versatility of a lighter coloured stone, Engineered Stone would be the right solution for your kitchen. Imported from China and customised in New Zealand we ensure that you receive the highest level of quality control. Perfect if you’re looking for an economical Benchtop. Click to Contact us for more information.

Would Granite Benchtops be right for me?

Granite Benchtops are all made from all natural stone. If you’re looking for durability and strength, Granite is a great option. When designing your kitchen Granite is more suited if you are after a darker coloured Benchtop. Our Granite Benchtops are high quality, imported from India and China and custom fitted locally for your home. Perfect if you’re on a mid level budget. Click to Contact us for more information.

Would Marble Benchtops be right for me?

Marble Benchtops provide your kitchen with a definitive feeling of luxury, elegance and class. Our Marble Benchtops are imported from Europe and will turn your kitchen into a sanctuary. Perfect if you’re looking to turn heads and increase the value of your property. Click to Contact us for more information