What is the right finish for me?

The finish to your kitchen is the final touch to completing your project. It’s important you are aware of your options and what will be suited for your design and budget. See below for our range of solutions

Would Melamine Board be right for me?

If you’re looking for an economical solution then a Melamine Board Finish would be the right solution. All New Zealand made, this is a great option if you are looking at doing up a rental or perhaps looking to sell. Click to Contact us for more information.

Would a Spray Finish Kitchen be right for me?

Spray finish kitchens are great for longevity as they do not have any joints between the board and edges. Made in New Zealand, they are usually high curved and great for modern style finishes. Having no joints ensures your boards are waterproof to outlast the more economical options. Click to Contact us for more information.

Would PVC Wrap Board be right for me?

Our PVC Wrap Boards are all New Zealand made, waterproof and white board wrapped. Having no joints ensures that your boards are waterproof and will outlast the test of time. Perfect for longevity of a kitchen. Click to Contact us for more information